Plastic Table Covers for Usage in Parties

There are different types of tablecloth are available like wipeable tablecloth, vinyl tablecloth or PVC table cloth and oilcloth. Vinyl types of tablecloth have more benefits which are easy to maintain and are durable and is available in market with different variety of colors and designs with different price ranges. Vinyl crochet patterns are also there and give the best finishing look. These plastic table covers are used for both indoor and outdoor factions. Choosing good fabric linen is more important for functions because of kids around it.

Compared to traditional fabric linens, the plastic table covers are more durable and scratch resistant and you can able to wipe out the stains easily & ease of maintenance. Where the ordinary table clothes will absorb the spills of stain and beverages easily and you need to wash heavy, and sometimes stains may not get removed leaving a mark. Soft polyester flannel table cloths give more strength and durability. Water resistant table cloth allows you to wipe out any water spills easily using cotton towel or sponge. Vinyl made table cloths price ranges is affordable as you can replace it frequently. Oilcloths cloth fabrics made up of vinyl permeated cotton are more expensive which has better durability and have lot of colors. PVC tablecloth used for outside dining brightens up the party dining place or garden.

Vinyl tablecloth cleaning procedures

When your birthday party has got over, it’s time for you to clean the plastic table covers. Take a bucket of water and add mild detergents or cleaner liquids. Dip a cotton towel or sponge in the mixer and gently wipe the areas of vinyl tablecloth. When you complete cleaning on onside, allow it to dry. Then flip next side to clean. You can also use antibacterial kitchen cleaner to remove the stains. Because simply cleaning the areas with water will not remove the formation of mold or bacteria. Allow the tablecloth to dry in hot sunlight for several hours to kill any microbes sticking. You no need to get worried of fading tablecloth, as polyvinyl clothes are designed in such a manner that the colors will not get fade away. If there are any suggestions on label denoting fade, you can wash vinyl tablecloth with white vinegar. You can also wash tablecloth in machine using non chlorine powders for few minutes in cold water. Otherwise you wash it with hands as not to get worried of scratching. Finally iron the wrinkled tablecloth by placing bed sheet in between tablecloth and iron. Keep the heating temperature at low in iron box and gently smooth it. Then roll or fold the tablecloth place it in cool place away from high humidity to avoid molds.

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